Dimitri From Tokyo – French Affair/ Sfunky

25 Apr

Disco, just disco.

The new two track EP by unstoppable DJ Damitri from Tokyo combines the jazz of the 50’s with the Disco of the 70’s to make something … modern?

Side A is the edit of Donna Summer’s 1976 ‘Spring Affair’. Dimitri enhances the jazzy, funky music that is undeniably 70’s disco and keeps very true to the original. The funky guitar grooves are at the forefront of the song and this edit is all together more catchy.

On the B side is ‘Sfunky’ an edit of Moodymann’s ‘Shades Of Jae’ who sourced the music from Bob James’ ‘Spunky‘. Damitri combines both versions while putting a harder bassier beat behind the brilliant jazzy keyboard and dipping gently into different funky sounds.

It would be wrong to call these two songs remixes, Dimitri From Tokyo is simply throwing two Disco tunes back onto the dance floor.

Taken from eastvandisco.blogspot.com

Moodymann’s ‘Shades Of Jae’

Dimitri From Tokyo – French Affair/ Sfunky

April 22nd

Disco Deviance


Pomrad – This Day EP

11 Apr

Funky, techno insanity.

It’s a rare occurrence for a tune to stop you dead in your tracks and immediately grab your attention. Every track on this EP by Belgian DJ Pomrad has the ability to do exactly that.

So their I was casually meandering through some new releases, my guard was down as their was nothing that special, then I came across Smooth & Silke, a tack that immediately tantalized my seances and injected me with a crazy, funky beat.

What is that! I go in search for more songs on the EP and find previews of each track, play the one minuet teaser of track one, Pomslap and it has the same open mouth effect. Now I’m hooked and I cannot wait for the release on April 15th.

Groovy rhythms, old skool keyboard sounds, funky guitar slaps. If this EP cannot put a hop in your step and smile of your face their can’t be much that does. Every sound bounces off each other in such a sophisticated yet childish way. Even when things get a little crazy when Smooth & Silke kicks in, everything is were it is meant to be.

The up-and-coming DJ has just signed with London based label Earnest Endeavours so hopefully were be hearing much more noise from Pomrad in the not so distant future.

Taken from moovmnt.com

Pomrad This Day EP


– This Day EP

April 15th

Earnest Endeavours

James Blake – Overgrown (Not here)

10 Apr

So I was really looking forward to writing a review of James Blake’s new full length LP Overgrown on this here electro music blog but half way through giving it a first listen, it dawned on me, this is not electro music.

Now I know everything James Blake has made has been on that boarder between singer songwriter and deep, experimental electronic  music but this new album has strayed ever so slightly to much to the former for me to write a review on it. I am not saying the album is bad by any means, I enjoyed much of its content, especially the single release Retrograde, it is a wonderful singer songwriter LP. I think what swayed it for me was how his voice and piano playing in many of the tracks is simply supported by deep ripples of that experimental sound. Their are certain tracks, Voyeur, Life goes round and maybe Overgrown that I would happily review as electro music but that music is not enough of a prominent player for the album to settle in that space.

I have listened to this album several times through to come to this conclusion and I’m still not too happy with it but it’s what I’m going with. A  beautiful, confused album.

Taken From Steriogum.com

James Blake – Overgrown

Rustie – Triadzz/Slasherr

7 Apr

Big, high and powerful.

What would it feel like to be slapped in the face by a rainbow? Listen to the drop in these two gems and you may feel a little closer to finding out.

Rustie is back with two big tracks, Triadzz and Slasherr, two tracks with a canvas of colours and good vibes. Triadzz warms everything up with a childish, bouncy start before introducing you to the awesome sound that makes these two tracks. After raising you to an almost heavenly level the song drops into an unexpected dirty bass. What happens next is the music equivalent of a light spectrum prism. You see the simple white light go in and out comes a spectrum of sound.

Slasherr takes this spectrum of sound and just punches you in the face with it (In a good way). From the off this track puts you on a high and never lets you down, even in the brake the sound is upbeat and either side you are riding on a flood of good vibes. Rustie only fully exposes you to the full force of the sound twice, anymore and the music may blind you.

This is sound that will leave you wide eyed, let it blow you away.

Taken from Soundcloud.com

Rustie – Slasherr/Triadzz


March 18th


Mr Moods 2013

29 Mar
Taken from starfrosch.ch

Mr Moods

Dark, jazzy, atmospheric, Triphop .

Mr Moods has been one of the busiest DJ’s around this year, certainly one of the busiest of February having released 3 albums! The Canadian “Beatmaker” who has had a none stop flow of releases in the past few years is on top of his experimental game.

In January Mr Moods released Promenades nocturnes. An EP made in collaboration with Erik Jackson. The EP has a very chilled out jazzy sound anchored by double bass and brought to life by catchy trumpet and Piano tunes. My favorite song of the EP is Je glisse lentement, it has the most electronic sound but it has an epic feel about it. The bass, trumpet and piano sounds of the EP remain but its more upbeat and the touch of strings and record scratching add that little bit extra.

On February 4th Mr Moods released Psychokiller of melodies, the darkest of his releases of the year so far. Some of the tracks on the album are dramatic and nightmarish, others are like being in an uncomfortable daze. February 23rd saw another gloomy release by the Canadian, Black and amber made in collaboration with Lr-60. This one was the simplest of the three, a raw sound with a slow jam. In the middle was my favorite album That old feeling, a higher, sexier sound that has an intended romantic French element. The best song in my opinion is He’s the coldest man i know, cool, sophisticated, jazzy triphop. The amount of different sounds and vibes that stride out of this album really sets it apart, it portrays cool in 8 different ways.

Mr Moods makes experimental music on a level with DJ’s such a Mr Scruff and this year he can’t stop!

Taken from Bandcamp.com

Mr Moods – That Old Feeling

Yellow Claw – Amsterdam Trap Music

26 Mar

None – Stop – Trap – Music

Taking the latest sounds echoing out the clubs, injecting them with some ferocity and rampaging them through Dutch streets. Amsterdam Trap Music.

This EP from MAD DECENT’s Yellow Claw fires their high velocity sounds through your speakers and straight into your mind. Many of the sounds, drums and tones they use have derived from tracks that I personally don’t like. Its taken Yellow Claw to grab them and “Throw them off a cliff” to smash them into something worth while.

The first two tracks of the EP, Kalao and W.O.L.F drill their siren-esk sounds, tamed by loose beats right through your skull. Kalao despite the unnatural sounds has a tribal element to it, while W.O.L.F is like the soundtrack to chaos.

In The Morning is the tamest song of the album and the last tack 21 Bad Bitches is a disappointing end. Compared to the first two tracks 21 Bad Bitches doesn’t end with a bang or show of sophistication, it falls flat.

However, if you played the first two tracks on this EP full blast, your ears will still be ringing and your miss the frailty’s of the end.

Taken From doandroidsdance.com

Yellow Claw

– Amsterdam Trap Music EP

March 7th



25 Mar
Taken from Facbook.com


So far Klingande have release two beautiful tracks that contain so much soul and good vibes that they are irresistible to everyone who enjoys house music. Klimgande are formed from two French students, only “officially” started in December of last year and they have already racked up nearly 4000 Likes on Facebook and have had a combined 200,000 plays between the two tracks on sound cloud. These guys are big news.

Both tracks that have been released, Jubel and Punga, are upbeat tracks that you can put on and chill out to, or, as they proved at their first gig in Altigliss, get a crowd jumping. The main characteristic of the two tracks is a soulful saxophone that really makes the track, Klingande do really well to incorporated it into their smooth house music. The layers of sound used mesh together very naturally; the light guitar riff in Jubel thats not uncommon to Trance and the simple piano tunes all topped off the saxophone.

Their are a few things that could be worked on, the end of  the two tracks just don’t seem right, and the sound in the brakes seems slightly too bare but for two first tracks by two young DJs I’m picking at straws.

Klingade are are definitely a band for the future.